Sunday, October 24, 2021

Buruj Vai Bonthar Corona Update China demands US withdraw military

 China has demanded the US withdraw its military from the South China Sea because it’s “creating anxiety”.

Chinese state-controlled media has accused America of a “stupid mistake” after one of its submarines struck an unknown underwater object earlier this month.


Corona Update Bonthar Charmohar
Corona Update Bonthar Charmohar
Corona Update Bonthar Charmohar
Corona Update Bonthar Charmohar
Corona Update Bonthar Charmohar

Beijing, insisting the incident took place inside its “territorial waters”, is complaining Washington has “deliberately delayed and concealed the details of the incident”.

The US Navy’s Seawolf-class nuclear-powered attack submarine USS Connecticut was involved in a collision on October 2 which hurt several of its crew. It took five days before the incident was made public.

the pressure, saying Washington’s secrecy over the incident “could easily lead to misunderstanding and miscalculation”.

The submarine accident was “bound to affect the navigation safety in the South China Sea, bring about serious concern and anxiety among countries along the South China Sea, and pose serious threat and risk to regional peace and stability,” he said.

Maintaining the rage

“For a long time, the US military has frequently dispatched aircraft carriers, strategic bombers, nuclear submarines and other advanced weapon systems to show muscles and stir up troubles in the South China Sea,’” Colonel Tan said.

Washington, for its part, has accused Beijing of precisely the same thing.

Colonel Tan went on: “The US should stop its close-in reconnaissance of the adjacent seas and airspace of China’s islands and reefs in the South China Sea and its military deployment against China, and stop the so-called “freedom of navigation” operations.”

The United States, along with South China Sea nations Vietnam, Taiwan, the Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia, disagree.

The Southeast Asian nations have territorial and exclusive economic zone rights conveyed under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. Beijing, however, has rejected an international court of arbitration ruling that its claim to the entirety of the South China Sea was unfounded.

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